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An enormous and growing quantity of verse is available on the Internet, and wherever possible I simply give the reference URL. My purpose in the Exhibits section is more to:

1. Complete the exercises begun in the Workshop.

2. Illustrate Workshop topics with further examples.

3. Show that traditional verse techniques will cope perfectly well with the demands of poetry today.


Far more than I would wish, it is the older styles that are illustrated. Excellent work, of all types, may well be appearing in the small presses of many countries, but I don't have the time or financial resources to acquire and read this material. I will look at new poetry sites that poets and webmasters may care to point out to me, provided always that no glowing review is expected, or indeed any feedback at all. I may feature the work in future pages on the site, but most probably will not. Reviewing and critiquing are very time-consuming, and much poetry today — and I do not for a moment doubt the honesty and hard work that goes into it — does not rise to the level where something useful can be said. A wide range of matters is already covered in the half million words on this site, which I hope will interest other poets and poetry-lovers.

Current Exhibits

The table below lists what's currently available and why.

Title in Exhibits Section

Features Illustrated

Victorian Interlude

loose hexameters recast as free verse

Us At Last

tight rhyme scheme, enjambment, metrical variation


imagist approach to narrative

Society Wedding

rhyming couplets in modern setting

Chilean Snapshots

blank verse in modernist and postmodernist styles


narrative in adapted ballad form

Me Like You

narrative in lyric free verse form


pastoral in tight pararhymed stanza


popular modernist style

Office Workers

corrected poem analyzed in criticism section


rhythmic long line in free verse


using a foreign form (french alexandrine)

Le Cimetière marin

Valéry translation: getting at the sense

La Chanson du Mal-Aimé

Apollinaire translation: rare word rhyme schemes


Darío translation: nineties melodic effects

Autumn Poem

Darío translation: conveying a non-english form

A Margarita Debayle

Darío translation: capturing the tone


Darío translation: exigencies of rhyme

Triumphal March

Darío translation: colour and bombast

Beautiful Ladies

Du Fu translation: reproducing rhyme schemes

Boaz Asleep

Hugo translation: using the english pentameter


Rimbaud translation: retaining alexandrine as hexameter


Kalidasa translation: mandakrata measures conveyed as pentameters. Free e-book here.

Gita Govinda

Jayadeva translation: focusing on the spirit. Free e-book here.



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