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5 Poets in The Seventh Quarry

Posted by on 7 09 15 in Poetry | 0 comments

The Seventh Quarry Swansea Poetry Magazine publishes work from around the world, a book and magazine review, and a profile of a British or a non-British poet with each issue. There is also poetry evening held regularly at the Dylan Thomas Centre in Swansea. I’ve chosen five pieces that work well, though they’re admittedly not over ambitious. The first is Even the black cow by Mike Jenkins at: It’s a simple piece, reminiscent of the early Ted Hughes,...

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5 Poets in Poetry Wales

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It’s difficult to be enthusiastic about Poetry Wales, which publishes unsentimental reflections on things not made poetry by craft, treatment or inherent subject matter. The outlet makes the usual claims: Founded in 1965, Poetry Wales is a quarterly magazine with an international reputation for excellent poems, features and reviews from Wales and beyond. Emerging from a rich bilingual culture, Poetry Wales explores the diverse perspectives of Welsh poetry in English and its international relationships. Only three issues are available...

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5 Poets in Poetry Scotland

Posted by on 2 07 15 in Poetry | 0 comments

Poetry Scotland is an unpretentious poetry magazine with a strong local flavour. As its ‘About’ page cheerfully announces: We aim to publish any kind of poetry so long as it is good. We have included rhymed and unrhymed, long and short, political and personal, humorous, narrative, ballad, haiku and prose poems. Our interest in languages (especially those of Scotland) brings Gaelic, Scots, Welsh & French to our pages at times. The magazine hosts an annual weekend of poetry in...

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4 Poets from Poetry Salzburg Review

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Poetry Salzburg Review  was founded in 2001, and now gives a generous selection of poems (from some 50-60 poets), essays, translations and reviews.  The policy is not now as advertised:The editorial policy is catholic – David Miller, a member of our Editorial Board from No.1 to No. 18 summarised our beliefs in the following way: “[We] wish to highlight and promote those poets and poetic writers whose work [we] find challenging, singular, exciting – whatever, if any, their allegiances...

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Six Poets in Poetry London

Posted by on 20 05 15 in Poetry | 0 comments

Poetry London bills itself as ‘one of the very few, essential poetry magazines in English’, where ‘newer authors share pages with acclaimed contemporary poets.’ The magazine is published three times a year, contains comprehensive poetry listings, and has ‘featured new poems by such distinguished contemporary poets as Alice Oswald, Sean O’Brien, Ciaron Carson and Pauline Stainer, and reviews of work by John Burnside and Mimi Khalvati.’ Only one year is represented by the Poetry Library London’s selection, and many...

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10 Poets in Poetry Cornwall

Posted by on 25 04 15 in Poetry | 5 comments

The 2009-2010 editions of Poetry Cornwall yield a fine crop of poems to commend to discriminating readers. Yes, this is local fare with all that the label implies – the simple, honest and homespun, generally unaware of international trends, or even of Modernism itself. Free verse predominates, but there’s more than a sprinkling of rhymed verse. Indeed, technically the most accomplished poem – Abigail Wyatt’s Mite – would not be out of place in a nineteenth-century publication. And if...

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4 Poets in Magma

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Magma is a go-ahead poetry magazine that chooses a different editor for each of its thrice yearly issues. It is generally represented at the Ledbury Poetry Festival, and launches its poets at the Troubadour Coffee House in Old Brompton Road, London SW5. There are generous review sections and, like many others in the UK, the magazine receives funding from the Arts Council. The issues put on line by the Poetry Library date from 2005-6, and include many poems not...

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5 Poets in Iota

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Iota is published three times a year, and is now in its third decade of publication. The editorial team is based at the University of Gloucestershire, and all submissions are read anonymously. Submissions are invited from around the world, and there is the customary international poetry competition. Many of the poets featured have won local or national awards, and the magazine has interviews that place the contributors’ work in context. Generous space is also given to reviews of recent...

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