Five Poets from The Poetry Foundation

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A look at Poetry in its new incarnation as The Poetry Foundation, reviewing poems by Marilyn L. Taylor, T. Alan Broughton, Molly Fisk, Medbh McGuckian, and Alex Dimitrov.

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5 Poets in Orion

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5 Poets in Orion: Maurice Manning, Kathleen Jamie, Eva Hooker , Pattiann Rogers, Elizabeth Bradfield

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5 Poets in the New England Review

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5 Poets in the New England Review: Tomas Q. Morin, Henrietta Goodman, Geri Doran, Theodore Worozbyt, Brendan Grady

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Byron’s Don Juan

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As often happens when we come across someone after the interval of many years, the old friend is just the same, with the same endearing or irritating mannerisms. Or almost the same. For sometimes we see matters a shade differently, through older eyes, as it were. So with Byron’s Don Juan, (1) which I picked up again in my old 1986 Penguin Classics paperback edition. (2) Some stanzas in Canto One copy had been ticked, I noticed, probably for some public reading or other, which I can’t now remember. These were the better stanzas, flowing together to make a continuously pleasing whole. Of the others I wasn’t now quite so sure, particularly later in the work, where Don Juan is introduced into English aristocratic society. Nothing much happens here, and though the passages were not tedious -it’s still wonderfully...

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