The Death of the Goddess

Posted by on 4 01 17 in Reviews | 0 comments

Knowing my interest in Indian literature, Professor Hogan has kindly sent me a copy of his long poem entitled The Death of the Goddess....

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Sailing to Byzantium

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I’d like to make this post as simple as possible, and will therefore give the poem, a standard interpretation (Spark Notes) and then...

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Anthologies 4

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I have been looking at Modern Poetry selected and edited by Maurice Wollman (The Scholar’s Library: Macmillan, 1939), an anthology...

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Anthologies 3

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Poems in my next anthology are also arranged by theme, if a little vaguely, but there the similarity ends. Modern Poetry selected and...

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Anthologies 2

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Decades ago, when I had more time at my disposal, I would spend hours in that most dispiriting section of second-hand bookshops: the...

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Poetry Anthologies

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We often view past poetry through the spectacles of our current conceptions, and it’s therefore salutary – indeed enlightening...

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Hegel and the Romantic Movement

Posted by on 29 09 16 in Reviews | 0 comments

First I should apologize for the long interval from my last post, which has been spent in converting, rewriting and updating web-pages to...

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The Poetry of Academe

Posted by on 1 02 16 in Poetry | 2 comments

Through academic courses,  literary criticism, MFA programs and support for the small presses, the universities play a critical  role in...

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The Contemporary Poem

Posted by on 7 12 15 in Criticism | 1 comment

The Contemporary Poetry Review {1} had an useful essay on the typical American contemporary poem a while back, which began with the...

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4 Poets in The Wolf Magazine

Posted by on 6 10 15 in Poetry | 1 comment

The Wolf Magazine is a forward-looking British magazine that publishes translations, criticism, book reviews, interviews and poetry that...

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5 Poets in The Seventh Quarry

Posted by on 7 09 15 in Poetry | 0 comments

The Seventh Quarry Swansea Poetry Magazine publishes work from around the world, a book and magazine review, and a profile of a British or...

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5 Poets in Poetry Wales

Posted by on 2 08 15 in Poetry | 0 comments

It’s difficult to be enthusiastic about Poetry Wales, which publishes unsentimental reflections on things not made poetry by craft,...

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