5 Poets in Poetry Scotland

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Poetry Scotland is an unpretentious poetry magazine with a strong local flavour. As its ‘About’ page cheerfully announces: We aim to publish any kind of poetry so long as it is good. We have included rhymed and unrhymed, long and short, political and personal, humorous, narrative, ballad, haiku and prose poems. Our interest in languages (especially those of Scotland) brings Gaelic, Scots, Welsh & French to our pages at times. The magazine hosts an annual weekend of poetry in the highland town of Callender where friends, subscribers and contributors to Poetry Scotland can meet, listen to poetry and talks, take part in readings and discussion on a free and informal basis. Its website (The Open Mouse)  is at: http://www.poetryscotland.co.uk/ and includes a short bio with its contributors’ poems. David Anthony’s Late August at Hadrian’s Wall is at: http://www.poetrymagazines.org.uk/magazine/record.asp?id=19075 And...

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