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poetry ezinesEzines poetry: a convenient categorary for the many types of ezine on the web today. Many ezines have excellent articles, bulletin boards and workshops where poems and writing matters are discussed and encouraged. Most accept submission by email, which is an enormous boon for poets submitting from overseas: no more SAEs and International Reply Coupons. In general, publishing your poetry through these channels is no different from submission to the conventional magazine, and your efforts will be more favourable received if the guidelines are followed. A few words of praise won't go amiss, if perceptive and sincere: 'I admire the range of work you publish, and particularly liked so-and-so's poem in the last issue, which seemed to me . . .' etc. Editors are human, and like to feel their efforts are appreciated.

Broadly speaking, ezines come in four flavours: long-established small presses with Internet representation, reputable literary ezines, the 'ezine poetry' started on a whim and not seeing the year out, and popular poetry ezines.

You can find the first group through the magazine resources.

For the second there is no complete listing, though the following will help. You can find more through Internet directories and search engines.

Contributors List. Ezines recommended by web del sol-featured poets. Useful listing of personal favourites.

Poetry Pages. Add your site to individual poet's websites.

Links to Poets. List poet's sites and joint ventures.

Hypertexts. Good listing of New Formalist poets: publishing credits will suggest possibilities.

Poetry Kit. Good listing of UK ezines and individual poet's sites.

GreatWorks. Good listing of websites containing innovative writing.

Find Poetry. Good listing of poetry ezines.

Write Words. Over 300 UK poetry magazines and ezines listed.

Shearsman. Contemporary poetry sites, UK and USA.

Jacket. Over 100 contemporary poetry and resources sites.

LitRefs. Extensive listing of poets, magazines, publishers and more.

Pinko. Alternative British poetry: poets and references.

A Little Poetry. Reciprocal links.

The Ezine Directory. Varied: not limited to poetry.

Inkpot. Very extensive listings under some 50 headings.

ListChannel. Some 200 listings: varied.

WebSource. Short but useful list of ezine directories.

Zinos. Ezines organized by a rating system.

Popular Ezines

Now the last group. Popular poetry sites are well-patronized, and offer many amateurs their only chance of seeing work 'in print'. Quality varies, but is occasionally good. It would be snobbish to ignore such outlets, but do remember that they are not well thought of by the literary establishment. Never ever mention them amongst your successes if submitting to serious poetry outlets. Poetry.com, in particular, is seen as a vanity press.

Net Poets. Poetry of love and the passions.

Love Poetry. Love poetry: old favourites and new submissions.

Shadow Poetry. Good range of genres and services.

Cowboy Poetry. Family-orientated celebration of cowboy folklore.

Poetry.Com. Very popular site, but close to vanity publishing.

iLovePoetry. Excellent range of classical poetry and contemporary.

Starlight Cafe. Very fully-featured site.

Chapbook services are often reasonably-priced, but be wary of 'handsomely produced' anthologies and international poetry conferences.

Bulletin Boards

If you'd like feedback on your work, consider submitting to one or more of these poetry bulletin boards.

poetry today forum

Everypoet poetry forum

Poetry taverna

The poetic link

Taverna's koans

Abc tales


Poets online

Poetry submission

Passions in poetry


Sijo forum

Wild poetry forum

Moontown cafe

Author me

Poetry pages

Aha poetry

Pagan poet

Rhyme zone forum

Pif magazine

Writing Groups

Many publishing opportunities come through literary associations and networking. Your local poetry or writing group probably issues a yearly anthology, and you may find yourself on its steering committee. In fact you should take a full part in its activities, including the less pleasant tasks of maintaining the books and chasing up subscriptions. Poems read in local groups may not be critiqued in great depth, but the comments are usually genuine and helpful. The feedback can help you fix problems that ezine poetry editors simply don't have the time to point out.


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