eBook Formats

Given the proliferation of platforms, you will need to be conversant with file format conversion to progress far in the new domains of publishing.

file format conversionTwo general points on file handling:

Routines are essential. Files need to be properly backed up, and some thought given to consistent naming for easy identification and renaming later.

The starting material in publishing is text and graphics, and these must be kept in their pristine form. Graphics should be stored in some lossless format like TIFF so that repeated manipulation does not degrade them. An author's manuscript should also be saved safely in its original submission, beyond the reach of subsequent editing.

File format conversion routes are as follows:

1. Text to HTML

Any number of HTML editors exist, many free or shareware.

Use AscToHTM

2. Text to Acrobat PDF format

Use Adobe Acrobat
Use one of the many (cheaper) clones available: Win2PDF, PrintToPDF, PDF-Xchange, PDF-Xchange,PDF Online, DaVince Tools,Create PDF, Sonic PDF or NitroPDF.

3. Text to Microsoft Reader format

Use ReaderWorks

4. Microsoft Reader to other formats

Use ConvertLit.

5. Text to Mobipocket format

Use Mobipocket Reader 5.

6. Word to Acrobat PDF

Use FinePrint,MakePDF, EasyPDF, PDF Writer Pro, ePrint, PrimoPDF,ClicktoConvert, etc. Or one ofthe free online convertors.

7. Word to HTML

Save as HTML in Word and use HTML Tidy

Use Flash Utility, Word2Web or ePrint Professional.

8. Word to Microsoft Reader

Use Microsoft Reader or ReaderWorks

8. HTML to Text

Use a HTML code stripper like NoteTab, PureText, or StripHTML

9. HTML to Acrobat PDF

Use Acrobat's webpage capture and number pages with Javascript coding.
Use Free Online Html To PDF Converter, Free PDF Converter, htm2pdf, html to pdf converter, etc.

10. HTML to Microsoft Reader

Use ReaderWorks

Convert to MS Word and use Microsoft Reader or ReaderWorks

11. Add graphic files to HTML documents

Optimize file size in a graphics program like Fireworks, and then use an HTML editor.

12. Add graphic files to Acrobat PDF documents

Insert in HTML or Word document: import into Acrobat, and save at appropriate resolution.

13. Add graphic files to Microsoft Reader Documents

Import to MS Word and use

Convert to file formats and then use

14. Add graphics to MS Word documents

Use Word Autoshapes or WordArt tools

import in GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, PCX formats

15. Text and graphics to Adobe InDesign

Follow InDesign procedures or consult third-party manuals.

16. Text and graphics to Quark Xpress

Follow Xpress procedures or consult third-party manuals.

17. Prepress for Adobe InDesign

Export as Postscript files, setting controls or use:

Preflight in Adobe Acrobat

Use third-party software, e.g.: PitStop Professional, Crackerjack, PDF Robot

18. Prepress for Quark Express

Distill using Postscript driver

Preflight in Adobe Acrobat

Use third-party software: PDF Robot, etc.

19. Convert HTML/Word/Text files to MP3 format
Use Verbose and then convert WAV file to MP3, or use Text Aloud
Speak into an MP3 encoder: DailyMP3, MP3 Machine, Hitsquad, NCH, MP3-Converter, Winamp, Musicmatch or Blaze Media Pro.

20. Convert audio files to MP3 format for web download

Convert to MP3 format and then link to webpages or RSS feeds.

21. Convert between graphics file formats

Use graphics programs: PhotoShop, Illustrator, Paintshop Pro.

22. Create ePub documents

Many programs convert popular formats to ePub: online ePub converter, 2ePub, Go4Convert, PDF to ePub Converter, etc.

Some amateur dtp grograms will also output to ePub: PagePlus6, iBooks Author, Scrivenor.

23. Create Kindle documents

eBooks in several formats can be uploaded to the free Kindle conversion site.

Independent software to convert from other formats includes online AZW converter and Calibre,

Also see the Wikipedia comparison of ebook formats.

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