Self Publishing Online with Amazon

self-publishing with AmazonYou can self publish online very simply with an online bookstore like Amazon, giving you the exposure and status difficult to achieve on your own website.

Or you can use a PoD publisher, many of whom distribute through Ingram, which allows marketing through Barnes and,,, and others.

The Amazon service costs $30/year, and will take self-published work that sells only a few copies a month.

Here's what to do for online book marketing:

1. Make sure your work has an ISBN (for a book), or a UPC (for a CD).

2. Make sure your work has a bar code.

3. Apply to the Amazon Advantage Program, giving such details as book title and bank account where sales proceeds are to be deposited.

4. Amazon will then consider your application and let you know in the next few weeks.

5. If approved you'll ship them two copies of your book, securely packaged. Until received, Amazon will simply advertise the books as "available in 2 weeks."

6. As sales develop, Amazon may ask you to keep more than two copies with them.

7. A cover scan of your book helps sales. Amazon will do this, though many publishers prefer to make their scan and ftp it to them.

8. Amazon will send you monthly emails of sales and transfers to your bank.

9. Bowker will allow you to register your book in its 'Books in Print' directory: free and a useful resource for bookstores and libraries.


An Internet search will locate many articles.


Remember that Amazon take 55%, which won't leave much over if you price competitively. Do your sums carefully.


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