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Poetry Ireland

Posted by on 9 06 14 in Poetry | 0 comments

Poetry Ireland is one of those increasingly rare things, a magazine with a distinctive local voice, where the richness of language and an exuberant delight in literary echoes could have hardly come from anywhere else.  With that identity comes limitations, of course. So similar are the poems by the 16 contributors to Issue 30 – discursive, depicting with almost eidetic precision what the eye takes in of the contemporary Irish scene – that they could all emanate from the...

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Five Poets from The Poetry Foundation

Posted by on 29 05 14 in Poetry | 0 comments

A look at Poetry in its new incarnation as The Poetry Foundation, reviewing poems by Marilyn L. Taylor, T. Alan Broughton, Molly Fisk, Medbh McGuckian, and Alex Dimitrov.

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5 Poets in Orion

Posted by on 23 05 14 in Poetry | 0 comments

5 Poets in Orion: Maurice Manning, Kathleen Jamie, Eva Hooker , Pattiann Rogers, Elizabeth Bradfield

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5 Poets in the New England Review

Posted by on 14 05 14 in Poetry | 0 comments

5 Poets in the New England Review: Tomas Q. Morin, Henrietta Goodman, Geri Doran, Theodore Worozbyt, Brendan Grady

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7 poets from The New Criterion

Posted by on 23 04 14 in Poetry | 0 comments

7 poets from The New Criterion: Joseph Coleman , Ben Downing, Michael Shewmaker , A.E. Stallings, David Barber , Amy Glynn Greacen , Richie Hofman

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4 Poets in the New Delta Review

Posted by on 2 04 14 in Poetry | 0 comments

The New Delta Review is a US literary quarterly that has been published in print form by the Louisiana State University since 1984 and is now online. The Review has published the big names in American and international literature, but the poetry in recent years seems somewhat dull, i.e. imitative or predictable or prosy. Exceptions include the following, which may give readers a flavour of the publication. Riding the Owl’s Eye is by Anders Carlson-Wee and can be read...

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6 Poets in the Lake Effect Magazine

Posted by on 23 03 14 in Poetry | 0 comments

4 Poets in the Lake Effect Magazine: Lawrence Raab, Joan Colby, Harry Humes and Richard Jackson.

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Translating Dante’s Terza Rima: Second Post

Posted by on 16 03 14 in Translation | 0 comments

We can use unrhymed tetrameters in place of Dante’s terza rima to capture the sinewy strength of narrative in the Divine Comedy.

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