Music of Verse

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The music of verse: examples and the role it plays.

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4 Poets in the Bellevue Literary Review

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Four poets in the Bellevue Literary Review: Chard deNiord, Virginia Chase Sutton, Brenna Working Lemieux and Amanda Auchter.

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Dowson and the Eighteen Nineties

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Dowson’s achievement and Non sum qualis eram bonae sub regno Cynarae.

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American Poetry and Its Institutions

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Current poetry statistics for the USA.

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5 Poets in The Atlantic

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Five poets published by The Atlantic: Peter Davidson, Linda Gregson, Stanley Plumly, Ted Kooser and Carl Dennison.

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3 Poets from the TriQuarterly

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A brief look at three poems in the TriQuarterly, by Kate Braverman, Kyle McCord and Cortney Kampa.

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4 Poets in AGNI

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Four poets from AGNI: Jason Sommer, Simon Armitage, Annie Boutelle and Carolina Ebeid.

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3 Poems from Fieralingue

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3 Poems from Fieralingue: a literary analysis of poems by Charles Alexander, Millicent Borges Accardi and Ruth Fainlight.

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6 Poets from AbleMuse

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AbleMuse was always an attractive online poetry magazine, and its newer incarnation is snazzier than ever, with illustrated poems, brief biographies, sensible reviews and extended articles of interest to New Formalist writers.

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3 Shearsman Poets

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Shearsman has an enviable track record: thirty years of consistently turning out work by some of the most interesting of contemporary UK and USA poets. The ebooks are inexpensive but admirably produced, their covers being a particular delight to anyone who cares for graphic design.

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3 Poets from Diagram

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DIAGRAM is a popular online journal offering poetry, prose and graphics that have some connection with representation, naming or the taxonomy of things. The journal describes itself as ‘odd but good’,

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Who Runs Poetry?

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Seamus Heaney’s collection, District and Circle. Faber

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