4 Poets in The Kenyon Review

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4 Poets in The Kenyon Review: Devon Branca, Eric Pankey, Michael Hulse and Krystelle Bamford.

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Music of Verse Continued

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I left an earlier post on the music of verse suggesting that, while there was an aural symbolism lying deep in the unconscious, and perhaps most evocative when experienced in the semi-hypnotic condition induced by verse, the conscious mind still has to be satisfied. Kubla Khan’s magic, I noted, disappeared on parody. It’s possible to analyze actual examples -though there are many difficulties (2-3) – and  Ronald Carter and Walter Nash’s simple introduction to styles in English in fact devotes several pages to the verse patterning exhibited by Browning’s Meeting by Night, which readers will remember starts with: The grey sea and the long black land; And the yellow half-moon large and low; And the startled little waves that leap In fiery ringlets from their sleep, As I gain the cove with pushing prow, And quench its speed i’...

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5 Tonalist Poets from Jacket Magazine

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Five Tonalist Poets from Jacket Magazine: Normal Cole, E. Tracy Grinnel, Geraldine Monk and Alli Warren

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Horace: The Odes. New Translations by Contemporary Poets

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A review of Horace: The Odes. New Translations by Contemporary Poets. J.D. McClatchy (ed.). Princeton University Press, 2002. ISBN 0-691-04919-X

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Eliot’s Four Quartets

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How seriously should we take Eliot’s The Four Quartets now, and what do they tell us of academia’s critical industry? An honest enquiry leaves us with many problems.

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4 Poets from the Harvard Review Online

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4 Poets from the Harvard Review Online: Lee Rosi, James Hoch, Todd Boss and Greg McBride.

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The Waste Land (Continued)

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A further look at Eliot’s The Wasteland: the descent into academic verse.

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4 Poets in Gulf Coast Magazine

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5 Poets in Gulf Coast: Jennifer Moxley, David Welch, Joseph Campana, Beckian Fritz Goldberg and Sharon Olds

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Money and Poetry

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Money and poetry: parallels between the creation of money and the contemporary value of poetry: what needs to be done.

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3 Poets in the Griffith Review

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3 Poets from the Griffith Review: Bruce Dawe, John Kinsella and Margaret Merrilles.

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Dusie Literary Shenanigans

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Experimental poetics at Dusie: the work of Chris Sylverster, Alli Warren, Alexander Lara, Todd Lerew and Samantha Gorman.

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In Praise of Literary Criticism

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Literary criticism, the dumbing down of debate and similarities with the financial institutions.

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