Five Poets from The Poetry Foundation

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A look at Poetry in its new incarnation as The Poetry Foundation, reviewing poems by Marilyn L. Taylor, T. Alan Broughton, Molly Fisk, Medbh McGuckian, and Alex Dimitrov.

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5 Poets in Orion

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5 Poets in Orion: Maurice Manning, Kathleen Jamie, Eva Hooker , Pattiann Rogers, Elizabeth Bradfield

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5 Poets in the New England Review

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5 Poets in the New England Review: Tomas Q. Morin, Henrietta Goodman, Geri Doran, Theodore Worozbyt, Brendan Grady

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Byron’s Don Juan

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As often happens when we come across someone after the interval of many years, the old friend is just the same, with the same endearing or irritating mannerisms. Or almost the same. For sometimes we see matters a shade differently, through older eyes, as it were. So with Byron’s Don Juan, (1) which I picked up again in my old 1986 Penguin Classics paperback edition. (2) Some stanzas in Canto One copy had been ticked, I noticed, probably for some public reading or other, which I can’t now remember. These were the better stanzas, flowing together to make a continuously pleasing whole. Of the others I wasn’t now quite so sure, particularly later in the work, where Don Juan is introduced into English aristocratic society. Nothing much happens here, and though the passages were not tedious -it’s still wonderfully...

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7 poets from The New Criterion

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7 poets from The New Criterion: Joseph Coleman , Ben Downing, Michael Shewmaker , A.E. Stallings, David Barber , Amy Glynn Greacen , Richie Hofman

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Public Utterance

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Could not poets learn from writers of editorial and political speeches to use the extended sentence construction, the swelling phrase and exact telling detail to create something individually appealing and statesmanlike – what poetry used to do well: the effective public utterance

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Walter William Landor

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Walter William Landor’s achievement and his significance for today’s poetry.

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4 Poets in the New Delta Review

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The New Delta Review is a US literary quarterly that has been published in print form by the Louisiana State University since 1984 and is now online. The Review has published the big names in American and international literature, but the poetry in recent years seems somewhat dull, i.e. imitative or predictable or prosy. Exceptions include the following, which may give readers a flavour of the publication. Riding the Owl’s Eye is by Anders Carlson-Wee and can be read at: Anders Carlson-Wee is an MFA candidate in poetry at Vanderbilt University, but was formerly a professional rollerblader and then a graduate in wilderness survival who traveled rough the see the length and breadth of America, from the cornfields of the Midwest, the prairies of the West to the blue-hued mountains of Alaska. Riding the Owl’s Eye is probably...

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6 Poets in the Lake Effect Magazine

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4 Poets in the Lake Effect Magazine: Lawrence Raab, Joan Colby, Harry Humes and Richard Jackson.

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Translating Dante’s Terza Rima: Second Post

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We can use unrhymed tetrameters in place of Dante’s terza rima to capture the sinewy strength of narrative in the Divine Comedy.

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Who Reads Shelley Now?

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Shelley’s star has faded: that ineffectual firebrand who got so tangled up with debts and marital irregularities that his drowning in the Gulf of Spezzia seemed almost prudential.

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Translating Dante’s Terza Rima

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Approaches to translating the difficult terza rima stanza of Dante’s Divine Comedy: three attempts.

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